About us

We are Ko-Green GmbH, who put our earnest effort into preserving and sustaining the environment.

First of all, we appreciate all of our agents, clients, and customers across the globe for their endless interest and input for our products.

The environment we live in right now is getting increasingly contaminated due to the continued industrialization and many natural disasters, such as tsunamis and earthquakes. And our world is also plagued by religious and racial conflicts.

For these reasons, our company is interested in resolving the environmental issues and improving life on earth. Thus, we will continuously develop and distribute the CCTV pipe inspection camera system to contribute to and support the water purification business.

Based on our advanced mechatronics technology, we have been continuously supplying differentiated and superior inspection services to industrial plants, nuclear power plants, LNG pipelines, ships and construction sites for many years.

We are in a position to contribute a differentiated brand power, provide certified quality, and produce a long-term profit to all of our customers. Moreover, our company’s products have been exported to many Asian countries, like Japan, China, Taiwan, India, etc., as well as to other parts of world.

However, our company will not be satisfied with our current stance, but will continue to develop a globally recognized CCTV inspection systems, responding promptly to the new changes in the digital era.

All of our staff will respect the environment, human life, and concentrate on introspection to provide the best quality of service to everyone. Thank you.